The Success Of MAKOplasty Knee Surgery Is Based On A Number Of Factors

The Success Of MAKOplasty Knee Surgery Is Based On A Number Of Factors

First, the procedure is more accurate. Thanks to 3-D scans, surgeons can place the new knee implant more accurately. This can result in a quicker recovery, a more natural feel, and increased implant longevity. Second, patients will retain the ligaments they had prior to the surgery. Third, MAKOplasty surgery helps patients recover faster, feel more comfortable, and get a more natural looking knee.

After surgery, patients may experience pain and increased swelling. However, this is common and temporary. The patient will probably be on pain medication for a few weeks. In addition, there may be bruising. The patient will likely need to undergo imaging prior to the operation. Afterward, the patient will be instructed on how to take medications after the surgery. If the pain persists, the surgeon may recommend additional physical therapy or a different type of knee replacement. Tarlow is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon in Scottsdale.His practice offers a full range 85258 of services for complex knee-related problems. In addition to performing makoplasty knee surgery, Dr. Tarlow also practices Sports Medicine Knee, Joint Replacement Knee, and Partial/Total/Revision Knee Replacement.United States of makoplasty knee America His practice is dedicated to providing high-quality personalized care. This will ensure complete patient satisfaction. When considering this procedure, ask for photos of previous patients.

Aside from MAKOplasty knee surgery, the surgeon will need to make an incision about four to six inches in the knee. Small incisions in the femur and tibia will be made as well. The surgeon will use a robotic arm to perform the surgery, which synchs with a computer program and robotic arm. This allows surgeons to accurately place the implant while preserving healthy tissue and bone. After the surgery, the patient will be able to move his knee without pain.

After the surgery, patients can walk again and return to work or other normal activities within a few weeks.Patients 8630 East Via De Ventura Suite 201 are also encouraged to exercise and play sports that require less impact. MAKOplasty surgery requires less recovery time than TKA, so patients can return to work or other daily activities sooner. The implant’s life depends on the patient’s weight, activity level, and compliance with post-operative instructions. This procedure is an excellent option for patients with chronic knee problems.

A robotic arm guides the surgeon while removing diseased tissue. It also allows surgeons to determine the hip’s center of rotation so they can place the implant correctly. A plastic liner is then locked into the metal cup.Once in place, the surgeon shapes the inner aspect of the Scottsdale femur bone. The femoral component position is measured with a RIO (r) machine. Once the femoral component is securely locked into place, the surgeon can proceed with the operation
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The Success Of MAKOplasty Knee Surgery Is Based On A Number Of Factors