Whitman’s “Body Electric” Is A Poem In Which The Body Is The Subject

Whitman’s “Body Electric” Is A Poem In Which The Body Is The Subject

The poems alternate between propositional and anecdotal sections. It is highly structured and has parallels to the anatomy of the human body. The lines that run from the top of the poem to the bottom of the final section are numbered and the order of the lines is arranged as a diagram. This diagram shows the relative energy potential of the different regions of the body.

The word “electric” comes from the Latin word electrum (which means potential hydrogen). In this sense, it is aptly applied to the energetics of a solution. In this way, an electric body has high sensitivity to its surroundings. It is highly reactive and is extremely quick to express its emotions. The electrical qualities of the human body are often associated with scientists. So, it makes sense that a poem like this is based on the idea that the human body is “electric”.

The name of the poem, Body Electric, is an allusion to the Walt Whitman poem of the same name. It celebrates the human body and asserts that there is no soul separate from it. The words “body electric” refer to the fact that it is sensitive and reactive to its environment. It is a fast-emotional body. This arouses a strong desire in the user.A body that is electric is Energy nutrition more sensitive and reactive to its surroundings.

Whether a body is electric or not, an electric body has a distinct characteristic. It is a body that contains or is powered by electricity. The term is also used metaphorically for the nature of electricity. The body electric is extremely sensitive and reactive to the environment. It experiences a wide range of emotions and reactions at once. The poet uses this as a description of the human body and its characteristics. It’s important to note that an electric person is sensitive to their surroundings and is often highly emotional.

The ecstatic and spiritual aspects of a body’s power are interconnected. The connection between the two is the primary element of the ecstatic imagination. If you feel emotionally disconnected, your body will have a negative reaction. Then, it will be impossible to live. If you’re worried about your health, you should take a few minutes to read the poem. It may be difficult to follow the lines of the poem, but it’s worth reading it.

“Body Electric” is a poem that contains nine sections. Though Whitman’s overt depiction of human sexuality caused controversy at the time of its first publication, the poem’s overt description of the body is less controversial today. Unlike many other poems by Whitman, the poem is not about sexuality. The poet instead celebrates the importance of the human form and its parts. The author’s intention is to make the reader feel good, and he does so with a beautiful and evocative way